Time for a quick introduction.

Rogier van het Schip, software developer and architect in .NET and Sitecore. I have over 6 years of professional experience in .NET, and have delivered both server- and web solutions, in ASP.NET MVC, Sitecore and Python, as well as being team lead on a mobile app team, developing iOS and Android apps.

The name of Craftware isn’t completely made up: Craftsmanship in software development is important, both for current speed of development and for future maintainability. It’s a defining feature in the software I build, which is why I selected it for my company name.

But you’re using WordPress, why?!

Because of two reasons: Why reinvent the wheel, when you have a perfectly functioning blog engine having all features I need. And because of time: Installing WordPress is a breeze, freeing more time for blogging. 🙂